Do you struggle with mood swings that can make or break your day?
Are you struggling to find the motivation to get out of bed each day?
Have sadness, negative thoughts & feeling worthless become frequent visitors in your life?

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what are some symptoms of Depression?
·       Feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness
·       Negative self talk
·       A sense of isolation
·       Depressed mood, or just feeling down
·       Changes in appetite or weight
·       Less interest or pleasure in activities you’ve
always enjoyed
·       Loss of energy
·       Fatigue
·       Moving and/or thinking more slowly than usual
·       Difficulty concentrating
·       Thoughts of death or suicide

Therapy For Depression

Therapy can be effective in treating depression by providing individuals with the tools and strategies they need to manage their symptoms and improve their overall mental health.

When working with clients experiencing depression, bipolar disorder or another mood related conditions, our therapists will take an individualized approach and get to know you personally. They will recommend a treatment plan that will help you work through and stabilize your emotions. Our clinicians often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques as well as skills coaching. During counseling sessions, your therapist will guide you as you explore not only the causes of your extreme emotions, but also what is standing in the way of you resolving those negative feelings. Depression treatment will likely include taking a close look at your values and what’s important in your life. Mood disorder treatment then includes examining patterns of negative self talk and searching for the underlying core beliefs that keep you “stuck” in a negative frame of mind.  Counseling will help you regain your confidence as you learn new ways to manage stress and new ways to think about the world that will help keep life from getting you down. The end goal is to learn the skills that allow you to think about the future in a hopeful way and experience positive emotions. This skills-based approach is effective not only for resolving a period of depression, but also to prepare one to prevent future depressive episodes

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